Why I Will Only Marry a Rich Man

marry rich menI grew up in a typical small town with parents who always made sure I had whatever I needed. I never considered my parents as rich or poor, as it never made any real difference to me - I was happy, healthy and cared for. However, once I left for college, my entire outlook began to change.

You know how it is in college. Friends within a group date or you branch out and discover a world filled with a variety of people from all walks of life. That's what happened to me - I started going for the guys who were leading fun lives without all that nine to five drama. Artists, musicians, I loved the lifestyle, even though I was already writing and making my own sort of living. These men never gave me gifts and rarely paid for a meal, but the entire experience was kind of fun. I noticed that it seemed as if they always "forgot" their wallets or flat out didn't have enough money to pay for our dates, but I just sort of ignored it and basked in the fun of experiencing college life and dating.

Once I graduated, though, I started to see things in an entirely new light. It started with my first truly serious relationship, most notably after we moved in together. We were both working, but I was always the one who ended up covering all the bills. It seemed as if his money always went to the fun things he wanted to do, rather than me or our home together. Of course, this started leading to serious fights, and we became one of those couples - you know, the ones that actually fight over money. Needless to say, that relationship didn't last much longer after I figured that out.

The sad thing was it seemed like every relationship after that one ended up the same - I was always paying for everything because I'd become successful. Then, all of that changed.

When I started dating a rich man, it was as if I discovered a true relationship. He treated me with respect and dignity, and for once, I wasn't the one always covering the bills and dinners. Money was no longer an issue, so the fights disappeared too. After that, I decided I would never settle for a man who wasn't rich - I deserved to be happy and I made it happen by avoiding poor men.

You can do the same for yourself. All you have to do is set your own boundaries, and NEVER settle - even if you have to be single for a while. Your rich man will come along eventually!

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