About Us

Rich Men DatingIt all started with an idea, then after a couple of years and a couple of successful sites running experience, now RichMenDatingSites.com, which previously was under the domain of RichMenDatingSites.org, has become the leading information site regarding millionaire matchmaking in USA, Europe and many other countries. And we have by far helped millions of singles find the way to the right rich men dating site of their choice.

The reasons of our existence

Reason No.1 - Honestly speaking, almost everyone of us has the dream or fantasy to date a rich person, climb up the social hierarchy ladder, meet up with elites in the society and have a worry-free luxury life ever after! Money cannot buy everything, but it makes you look sexy and more attractive. Being rich, together with power and influence, you may win over any men or women you desire.

Reason No.2 - Meeting rich guys can be very challenging if you fail to find the right approach or focus on something wrong. Many wealthy people actually live extremely hectic life; they can't afford to lose too much valuable time to find like-minded people for a fruitful dating relationship. The inconsistencies of regular dating sites cannot meet their requirements, and they need a dedicated and smarter way to fulfill their dating needs.

Reason No.3 - A good dating site will always save you the time, and work the magic. We, as a group of dating specialists, have keen insight into the dating business, and accumulated in-depth knowledge about all those site features. And our experience has repeatedly shown that with certain dating facilities, it is easier to meet your perfect match.


Our Mission

It fulfils and completes us that you find your perfect match through our service, and start the affluent and sweet relationship you have always wanted with a happy ending. So please, send us your testimonials, whether it be a success story or a piece of advice, compliment or criticism that you have about us. This is the only way to back up our reviews and give them meaning. We wish you enjoy our site and good luck!

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