Do Rich Men Like Women Who Have Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are very common these days because more and more women are aware of these strategies that can make them look more attractive. But do wealthy men like ladies who have had cosmetic surgery & plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery Woman

The difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery:

Plastic surgery is usually a bigger operation, e.g. a nose job and a boob job. In contrast, cosmetic surgery is a smaller operation, e.g. removing a mole.

Even some spa centers provide cosmetic surgery because they have qualified practitioners who can do this well. But in terms of plastic surgery, usually it happens in a hospital. Also, plastic surgery is more expensive than cosmetic surgery.

What men logically think isn't the same as what men actually respond to

Oftentimes, men think they want women who are naturally beautiful and they might even tell you that they dislike women who have had plastic surgery & cosmetic surgery. Yet in reality, that's not what rich men actually respond to. Please let me explain.

Do you really think those celebrities have maintained their beauty and youth without plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery? That's impossible. I met Cher in 2018 and can confirm that she is over 70 years old and she does not have any wrinkles. Do you believe that is real beauty? I don't think so. Obviously, rich mature women can afford plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, so they have done those already. I still remember a wealthy man sitting next to me in the VIP section at Cher's concert - he was saying, "Cher is so pretty!" He doesn't care whether Cher has had plastic / cosmetic surgery or not because Cher's beauty looks natural!

Therefore, the conclusion is pretty clear - men logically think they don't like women who have had plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, men clearly like women who have had plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, as long as these women still look naturally gorgeous.

In other words, men like naturally good-looking women; men don't know anything about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery unless they are experts in this industry.

My personal experience:

Personally, I have had cosmetic surgery and haven't had any plastic surgery. My rich husband hasn't even noticed this fact because men have no idea when it comes to women's beauty tactics. For example, men like makeup - they just don't know it!

Do I plan to tell my wealthy husband that I've had cosmetic surgery? No, I don't, partly because he wouldn't even ask me this kind of questions, and partly because he believes that I'm naturally beautiful, which is exactly what I want - what's the point of having cosmetic surgery and telling everyone about my fake beauty? It's my secret; it's my privacy. I always set boundaries in every relationship, so I know keeping my cosmetic surgery confidential is my standard. That's my non-negotiable.

By the way, most of my female friends who are married to rich men have had plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, as they have the money to do it and their husbands want them to look good all the time. You wouldn't be surprised to know that Donald Trump's wife has had some kind of surgery, right? If you go to Google Images and look at his wife's photos, you will realize that her eyes are getting smaller and smaller over the years. According to my experience, probably she has done something to the skin around her eyes so that she wouldn't have wrinkles around her eyes.

And that's totally okay! I admire her elegance 100%.

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