Why Wealthy Men and Beautiful Women Are Always a Great Match

When you see a middle-aged or senior gentleman with pretty average looks walk into a room with a drop-dead gorgeous woman on his arm, you stop and look. And you wonder, “What does she see in him?” More often than not, you're looking at a rich man who's attracted the attention of a beautiful woman. It's not rare at all, and it's been a tradition all over the world for centuries (if not longer). But what is it about rich men and beautiful women? Why are they always such a great match?

Wealthy Man Beautiful Woman

Men Are More Visual Than Women

Men are inherently more visual than women. So, when it's time to choose a mate, men are more likely to make their decision based on looks than women. Meanwhile, women are evolved to find a mate who is more likely to be able to provide for them and their children. So, an older, established, rich man will always be a great catch for a beautiful woman, and vice versa.

Wealthy Men Need to Maintain Their Images

Wealthy men have an image to uphold, especially if they are still in business and they are marketing their own brand. They need to be seen as good leaders, as virile, and as connoisseurs of the best quality brands, clothes, and women.

Basically, first and foremost, a beautiful woman is a status symbol that says, “He's still got it!” without saying anything at all. When they're at home, away from the spotlight, this is usually not the case, but they both know that this is a part of their relationship.

Women Trade on Their Looks, Men Trade on Their Wealth

In general, whether a woman is 20 or 50, she will almost always spend more time and effort to look good than her husband or boyfriend. While women are climbing the corporate ladder and smashing glass ceilings across industries, they still know that they can bank on their beauty, at least while they're young. Getting together with an older man can be a good way to start a career and/or partnership that will last long past the days when their beauty fades away.

Whatever the reasons, wealthy men and beautiful women have always been a fantastic match, and we believe they always will be, as long as wealthy men appreciate beauty and as long as beautiful women need someone to care for them. What do you think?

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