Rich Men Prefer To Date Women With Less Money

A recent survey on rich men and their dating habits show varied preferences, and what they look for in their female counterparts. When it comes to finances, it is seen that men prefer their female counterparts who are below them. They will prefer not to date women who earn more or as much money as them. They are looking for smart and beautiful women with less money and tend to keep away from those women who are millionaires or run a huge business. It seems that the rich men want to tell the woman that they can take good care of them and show off their wealth. They cannot use that power in case of rich women.

Rich Men Prefer Women Less Money

Different reasons

Dating a woman with less money

Rich men feel that women with less money are simple and down to earth. They are able to appreciate life more and are not bossy like the richer women. The men feel a lot more comfortable and at ease in the company of such women. They know it is easier for them to get that undivided attention here. Their ego is easily satisfied here and not challenged if they were dating equally rich or richer women. Dating a millionaire woman would leave them less confident and lesser in control of the situation. Thus, there are several natural advantages of dating a lesser wealthy woman.

Not every woman looks at a man as a wallet, but they are still in a minority. Nevertheless, money cannot buy you love or happiness. Thus, money should never be the priority in any relation. The woman in your life should not have eyes only for your money. Just find someone who makes you happy and it really doesn't matter if they are richer or poorer than you. Obviously you would not want that poor woman spending all your money on buying diamonds or going for exotic vacations. There is nothing wrong in dating a woman who has less money than you, but she should love you for what you are.

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