Rich Men Like to Take Risks

rich men loveMore often than not, rich men like to gamble.

It may be at the casino or on horse racing, or on something more related to business or the global economy, such as betting on the results of a referendum or political campaign.

In fact, for some rich men, even dating can be a risk as it's not easy to find the right lady who will love the rich man for himself and not his money!

Rich people with surplus cash can often afford to lose their initial wager if things go wrong - and, therefore, may be tempted to make larger bets at greater odds. Sometimes rich men have become rich as a result of gambles they have taken in their business lives where the stakes may have been high but the results have produced a successful business.

Yet, when dating, rich men don't like to take too many risks and lose their bets that the women they desire is not going to be with them for the long term - especially if the rich man has fallen deeply in love with her.

On the other hand, sometimes rich people can get it wrong too and a horse can fail to run well; the roulette wheel doesn't produce the right number; a referendum campaign beats the odds; or even a presidential candidate who may not be favoured to win comes through with enough votes to get elected - with the result that rich men can lose millions...

Just like in love where the rich man dating makes a wrong judgement about the woman by his side and his relationship falls apart or he finds she is not the right one for him!

As a further example, the recent high profile referendum in the United Kingdom was carefully watched by many rich men, whether they were business owners or just betting for fun. The chance that voters would decide to leave the European Union was estimated at just 16 per cent on the afternoon of the vote according to bookmakers taking bets on the result. In other words, certain rich people and a few other gamblers who went with a Leave vote got very lucky once the results were known..., whereas the majority of people lost - which only goes to show that just because something is unlikely doesn't mean it is impossible.

Just like rich men dating, who must also rely on their own experience, on their assumptions about the behaviour of the people they are dating and their interpretation of whether it is true love or a gold digger type situation!

So, whilst rich men can make a lot of money betting on near certainties, they can also lose heavily when the results are not what were expected - both in business and in love.

And therein lies a lesson for all of us - be careful to whom you give your heart!

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