Rich Men Dating Tips

Rich Men Dating Tips1. Most millionaires got the current achievements through hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. Its OK to ask them about how they achieved their success. Most millionaires - indeed, most people - like talking about their accomplishments, their triumphs, and "the secret to their success." Often times, your millionaire will reveal a difficulty they had to overcome on their way to the top - an obstacle they bypassed, a problem they solved - and by sharing the story of their challenge with you , the two of you will instantly be drawn closer together. PLEASE NOTE that I didn't say " ask them about how they achieved their money." Most millionaires do not like to talk about their money, how they got it, and how much of it they have. Asking a millionaire about his success shifts the focus away from the money, and puts in onto the MAN.

2. Millionaires like being taken out/treated every once in a while. Who doesn't? You don't have to do anything big, expensive, or fancy. Plan something simple. Or take your millionaire out for a night on the town. Whatever you decide - the date's on you. Your millionaire will absolutely appreciate it.

3. Millionaires are "tuned into" the details. Maybe you've heard the expression "beauty is in the details." It's not just that millionaires enjoy the finer things in life - it's that they appreciate the details that make the difference. Try noticing/commenting on the little things. And probably best to leave the knock off Louis Vuitton at home.

4. Be smart. Try to engage in an intellectual conversation with your date. Millionaire's want to have a smart partner that they can count on for advice in times of need. They want a partner whom they can depend and trust in giving them support especially when they need to make important decisions.

5. Be updated with current events. If you are not the type who checks on the news daily, you need to start doing it if you want to have a successful relationship with a millionaire. Better start getting interested on current events before starting to date a millionaire if you want to catch up with your date.

6. Learn and get interested in Arts. Know the famous painters and their works. Know about the most interesting artworks. Millionaires are often into collecting the works of famous and great artists.

Some Tips for Millionaires

If you are a millionaire and looking for a real love but worried about knowing a gold digger, here are some tips:

1. Avoid profiles that mention a like of being "taken care of"... translation: I want someone to pay for everything.

2. Avoid dating individuals without stable careers.... Unless you plan to be the sole provider permanently.

3. Anyone who works a not-so-professional job but has all the luxuries of a multiple-millionaire is getting those nice things somewhere... Probably a rich ex or parents. Stay away!

4. Not all "daddy's girls" and "mamma's boys" are gold diggers.... But you are advised to look more into it.

5. There truly are leagues in the dating world. Play in your league or close to it.

We will try our best to collect more useful dating tips for you later!

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