Why Do Most Girls Prefer to Marry Rich Men

marry rich menWhen women marry, it is seen that they would always prefer a rich man. After all, they have always fantasized about growing up and marrying a rich and handsome man. It seems that the essentials have always been a part of the fairy tale romance they have dreamt about ever since they were young. It is true that the women of today dream of having successful careers too. But, it won't hurt if they get a partner who is rich too. Thus, don't be surprised to see a girl or a woman with average looks and earning potential, looking for rich men.

The power of money

In today's world, having money means power, the power to go anywhere or the power to buy anything. Women marry for several reasons and one strong reason is money. A handsome chap with money is the idea of a perfect man for any woman. Many will even let go of the tag of good looks and are happy if the man is simply rich. With a rich guy as her husband, she can lead a good lifestyle and need not work for a living. She wall never have to bother about paying her bills. She could lead her life the way she wants to, do shopping and travel.

The basic instincts

Speaking of humans and their instinct, it is seen that women have played the role of the nurturers whole men have always been the providers. Thus, instinctively, a women looks for emotional, psychological and physical security in her man. And, as most of the things in today's world depends on money, a woman relates that kind for security with money and rich men. Moreover, rich men leave an impression of being successful and smarter. They are capable of not only earning wealth but also maintain it. They can give any woman the respectable social status she is looking for.

Beyond the power of wealth

Not all women may have eyes for rich guys and many are looking beyond the power of wealth. They would want their man to be a successful provider and have all the good qualities. No woman in her right senses would marry a rich guy who is an alcoholic or lacks intelligence. A sensible woman looks for complete liberation in her marriage and relationship. Most woman will marry a sensible buy but will certainly not mind if he is rich also. Well, that is an added bonus for them.

Still, women carry that instinct of getting protection and stability for themselves and their children. One cannot blame them for dating a rich man over 40 in their lives. They have always preferred to live a life of comfort that only money can give them. After all, they have been evolutionarily primed to attract the best men out there, who will be able to take care of her and their potential offspring. The guy with enough money scores high as it leaves the woman with the options of working or not working. She can choose to work or stay at home without getting bothered about the bills or worry about the finances.

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