Does Dating a Rich Man Bring Happiness

dating a rich manDating a rich man is the dream of many modern women.

But an often overlooked question is: does dating a rich man bring any more happiness and joy to a typical woman's life than dating or marrying an ordinary man; in other words, do you marry for love or for money?

Of course, it's possible to date or marry for love and money but, in some cases, marrying a rich man means that the lady in question may have to forgo a number of things which otherwise she may have been able to enjoy or pursue.

These may include issues such as:

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the advantages of dating a rich man usually far outweigh these issues and most women seem to find happiness and contentment in such a relationship. This may be for some of the following reasons:

So, whilst there are no hard and fast rules about whether dating a rich men or using a dating site specially set up for finding a rich man can bring a woman happiness, more often than not such relationships seem to work for the long term.

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