Chasing Rich Men: for Love or for Economic Benefits

Chasing Rich MenMany young women have a dream of marrying a rich man.

To many such women, having a rich man to take care of their needs and wants and treat them to a higher quality of life is top of their life's objectives. It might even be ahead of having a career or achieving something in their own right.

Yet, finding and marrying, and then living with a rich man, is not always easy. Apart from the challenges and competition from other young women looking for their own rich man, there are number of other issues to be considered. One key question which invariably keeps arising in the minds of many younger women is: do I marry a rich man for love or for the economic benefits it can bring me?

Who doesn't want to marry for love? Which young woman doesn't want to find a handsome, kind, loving, faithful, good hearted rich man?

Yet, often by the very nature of rich men, especially those who have achieved their wealth themselves, they need to have a ruthless streak or, in some cases, what can be called a hard heart. They can also usually have the pick from amongst many women and there will forever be other younger women seeking to attract them.

A woman who marries a rich man believing she is love with him may have to tolerate or accept a number of the aforementioned characteristics which go hand in hand with a man being rich and successful. In addition, many rich men tend to have little time for their family life as they are also busy working or travelling - in some ways it can be said they are devoted (or married) to their work.

On the other hand, there are those young women who marry rich men simply for the economic benefits that such relationships can bring them. It doesn't matter if the rich man is handsome, good looking, has a good physique or has a good personality - it all depends on whether he has money and is generous with it!

In the latter case, many young women chasing rich men are prepared to overlook any character flaws simply to get a better life, and this is true whether the lady herself is from a poor or so-called middle class background; it's all about getting access to the money and benefits.

Whilst there is no right or wrong in matters of the heart, for young women chasing rich men to date or marry, it might be worth taking a step backwards and taking an objective view of what they really want from their relationship...

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