How to Avoid Being Friend-zoned by Wealthy Men

Wealthy Men CircleMany women complain that wealthy men are hard to get. Indeed, constantly being friend-zoned by rich men is frustrating. You may wonder, "Why do I always get friend-zoned by them?"

The No. 1 reason why you get friend-zoned by wealthy men is lack of sexual tension! So we will show you how to build massive sexual tension now!

Next time when you are talking to a wealthy man who has the potential to become your partner, try this technique:

When you are talking to him, slow down. Make sure you talk slowly, and introduce pauses. Pauses are very important in terms of building sexual tension! Just stop talking occasionally and be okay with the silence. In attraction, there is no such thing called "awkward silence" because that's exactly when sexual tension is built! So you must be okay with it.

If you are trying to fill the "awkward silence" with words, he knows you are trying to invest in the relationship with him, so he doesn't want to work hard to get you anymore and you look less attractive immediately.

Therefore, slow down while talking, introduce pauses, and try this kind of eye contact at the same time:

Look at his eyes for one second; look at his nose for one second; look at his lips for one second; look at his eye brows for one second... (You don't need to count “1, 2, and 3” in your head; just move your eyes slowly.) Now you've got the gist - your eyes are “travelling” on different areas of his face slowly when you are talking slowly with occasional pauses.

When you are doing this, you should lean forward a little bit so that your face is not too far away from his face.

Make sure you are not grinning at him while doing this. You can have a subtle smile, i.e. slightly drunk smile or orgasmic smile.

This is done under the radar, so he wouldn't know what exactly happened and he can't see you as a friend anymore - the massive sexual tension has been created and he can't ignore that!

Wealthy men have seen many classy movies to understand what that means. If you watch some classy movie in which there are some romantic scenes, you will notice those lovers interact exactly like this when they are on a date!

Indeed, tweaking your eye contact and body language is more important than you think.

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