The 10 Best Places For Meeting Senior Rich Men

Are you looking for the top rich men dating places? Ultimately, finding a rich men dating spot can a bit challenging and you need to search in the right places to find exactly what you are looking for. From our experience, here is a list of the top 10 places for meeting senior rich men.

Meet Senior Rich Men

No.1: Business/Professional clubs

Although many support that business is not the ideal spot to meet and marry someone, it's actually one of the top spots to meet and date rich men in particular. These include banks, meeting spots, and clubs of people with common business endeavors. If you belong in a particular profession but you are only an employee, perhaps you could join a club of your field to find men that are above you money-wise.

No.2: High-end shopping spots

If you are an avid shopper that enjoys visiting high-end stores of famous luxury brands like for example Dior, Chanel, or Versace, these are the perfect place to meet rich men who also enjoy luxury shopping - even if you don't have bucks to buy something, just being there will give you the chance to meet someone richer.

No.3: High-end hotels and restaurants

Luxurious hotels and restaurants are another good spot to find millionaires. Many rich men travel, stay in hotels, or dine alone or with other rich business partners so better grab this chance to meet and date them in a luxurious venue that you'll both enjoy.

No.4: Golf clubs

Rich men, especially those from UK and U.S are often members of prestigious golf clubs that they participate at least twice a month or more if they are single. If you are also a golf fan, this another spot to meet a rich guy.

No.5: Luxury Spa resorts

Every rich guy likes to spend some time relaxing when they are not working so spa resorts, can be a great spot for meeting rich men while having some relaxing time there. And if this is related to your biz, getting employed as a massage or spa therapist there is a sure way to literally get your hands on a rich guy.

No.6: Luxury Holiday Destinations

Some holiday destinations are rich-men magnets due to their high-end spots and costs to stay and shop there. The top places worldwide that are rich-men magnets are: Dubai, Seoul (Korea), Los Angeles, New York, Moscow,Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo.

No.7: Charity Events

If charity and helping others is within your interest and causes, there is a good chance to meet a rich humanitarian also in these spots. Just make sure they are officially organised by rich men societies e.g lyons to raise your chances of meeting someone.

No.8: Luxury car and sports clubs

The vast majority of men has a fascination with cars and sports e.g soccer - however, apart from ordinary fan clubs, there are more prestige fan clubs for rich men and VIPs. There is a always a chance to meet somewhere there.

No.9: Special rich millionaire dating sites

Online dating sites targeted to millionaire dating are probably the easiest ways to meet someone as you don't have to travel to some places and pay something to meet one. Some popular ones include: millionaire match.

No.10: Real Auctions

If you are a fun of live auction sites, there are also a good spot to bang a "rich man" deal. All biggest cities in US and worldwide auction luxury items at spots least a once of week so better grab this opportunity for a millionaire dating experience.

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